Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Most, if not all, of the questions you may have about the Celtic Family Jamboree -- aka FamJam -- are answered on the official FamJam website, located at �For your convenience, we have listed some of the more frequently asked questions, with their answers, below. 

Q Who�s putting on the festival?
A Celtic Heritage, LLC

Q Does the festival have a website? 
A Yes. It is

Q Can the festival promoters be contacted via phone or email?
A Yes
. Phone number is 941-625-8544. email is
We are available at that phone number, pretty much 'round the clock. We check email multiple times throughout the day. However, please note that it will be impossible for us to monitor email once the festival has begun, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for us to monitor the phone during festival hours. 

Q When is the festival? 
A February 3-4, 2023 

Q What is the cost of the festival? 
A Adult weekend pass is currently available at $40.
Water/Electric camping hookups are currently available as packages; packages for camping + 2 weekend passes are $150 and $180. 

Q What's the price of a kid's ticket?
A Children under the age of 18 are free -- when in the company of a paying adult.

Q Wait -- does this mean I have to stay with my child at all times?
A No. What it means is that there must be an adult on premises who is responsible for the child. No dropping kids off then running into town for a few hours.

Q Are there children�s activities? Is there a playground?
A Yes and Yes 

Q Where is the festival? 
A Florida Sand Music Ranch, Brooksville, Florida

Q Where's that?
A Detailed directions can be found here: 

Q Is this a Highland Games? 
A Although there will be a Highland Athletics demonstration, this is not a Highland Games. It is a Celtic music and heritage festival. 

Q Will there be merchandise vendors at the festival? 
A Yes.  Vendors, along with links to their websites if applicable, are posted at

Q Can I use a credit card at the festival?
A We can accept credit cards at the gate. Cash Only for beer and food. Some merchandise vendors may take credit cards.

Q Is there an ATM nearby?
A There is an ATM under the Large Pavilion.  

Q Is there food available at the festival? 
A Yes.  

Q I have special dietary needs. Will these vendors have foods that fit special needs, like gluten-free, vegan, etc.? 
A Probably not.

Q Are there restaurants nearby, then?
A Yes. There are several well-known chain restaurants, including Cracker Barrell and Beef O'Brady's, Waffle House and Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's, Subway, Taco Bell, plus pizza and Chinese,  located at I-75 Exit #301.

Q Will I be able to bring my own food into the festival? 
A Yes 

Q Is seating provided? 
A To view performances under the Large Pavilion we suggest bringing a lawn chair or blanket for seating. There will be a couple of picnic tables in the vendor area which we'd prefer be used for consuming purchased meals, although no one's going to be policing them to "enforce" that preference. The Small Pavilion does have seating, at picnic tables.   

Q Is there shade? Is there cover in the case of rain? 
A Yes. Both pavilions in which musical performances take place provide ample shelter from the elements. 

Q Do I need to buy a ticket in advance? 
A It is strongly recommended that you buy your ticket in advance, but tickets should be available at the gate. If capacity is reached, ticket sales will be cut off. 

Q Do I have to wear the wristband? 

Q Can I come and go as I please? Can I re-enter the festival? 
A You may re-enter the festival at any time, as long as you are wearing the proper wristband. 

Q What are my lodging options? 
A Our host hotel is Days Inn, Brooksville, located at I-75 Exit #301. There are several other chain hotels at that exit as well. There are also several small independently owned inns/hotels/motels/hostels/bed and breakfast establishments.  There is camping on the festival grounds. Advance reservations for camping are STRONGLY recommended. 

Q What supermarkets are nearby? 
A Florida's two biggest supermarket chains, Publix and Winn-Dixie, both have stores located within ten-twelve miles of the festival. Vaughn's Country Store, a convenience store, is located a little over three miles away.

Q Are dogs allowed at the festival? 
A Yes.  Dogs must remain on leash at all times and you must clean up after your pet.   

Q What's the parking situation? 
A There is a large grassy field, immediately adjacent to the festival grounds, for parking. There is no parking inside the festival grounds for non-campers. (Exceptions will be made for those who display a handicap hangtag.)

Q What about parking for those who are camping?
A Campers must remove their personal vehicles to the parking lot unless they have purchased a Car Pass. Car Pass holders must be very careful to contain their vehicle on their own campsite and not to infringe on neighboring campsites. (Only ONE car on any campsite, please!) Parking in unoccupied campsites is strictly prohibited. If a car with a pass is parked inside the festival grounds, the driver absolutely must remain on premises.

Q I don't have a handicap hangtag, but I do have some difficulties getting around. Worried about walking from the parking lot to the music venue. Help!
A The walk actually isn't that far. BUT -- if you do need help, we have a golf cart available to give you a ride.

Q What's the restroom situation?
A There are two bathhouses with flush toilets and sinks. Additionally, there are Porta-Potties with hand sanitizer.

Q If I camp, what's the shower situation?
A There is a bathhouse with 8 separate showers, including one handicap accessible.

Q Are campfires allowed?
A Yes. In fire rings only. Please note that although fire rings can be moved -- PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE A FIRE RING FROM AN OCCUPIED CAMPSITE! If someone has started setting up on a campsite, it's occupied.

Q Will firewood be available?
A Yes. There is a firewood vendor who will make a few passes through the camground, several times a day. Purchase directly from him. You can also make arrangements for him to deliver a larger order (up to a truckload) to your campsite, by calling "Red Man" at 813-713-0372.

Q Can I come in to set up my campsite early?
A Yes. Celtic Heritage will collect a fee at the gate for anyone who wishes to begin camping on Thursday, February 2. If you wish to set up prior to that time, you must make arrangements directly with the Florida Sand Music Ranch (FSMR). (FSMR does not take camping reservations over the phone.) Please note that FSMR is an active campground, and it may be impossible for you to set up on your assigned site prior to February 2.

You will find that our festival policies are similar to those of other outdoor festivals, and may in many cases actually be less restrictive. For a few individuals, these policies may seem limiting; however, we feel that our policies are best for the safety, comfort and general well-being of the majority of our attendees. The number one policy: Relax, Have Fun, and Explore Your Celtic Heritage!

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